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Chess Openings Challenge Booklet & Game Tiles

Chess Openings Challenge Booklet & Game Tiles

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Test yourself or friends with these one of a kind game tiles & booklet highlighting 12 essential chess openings. Multiple ways to play and learn: choose a classic memory game, a speed matching game or dive into the cleverly illustrated booklet. Uniquely designed to engage kids and visual learners!

This bundle set contains 24 game tiles for the following openings:

Giuoco Piano, French Defense, Ruy Lopez, Sicilian Defense, Fried Liver Attack, Caro-Kann Defense, Modern Defense, Pirc Defense, Queen's Gambit, London System, Reti Opening, Bird's Opening.

The mini guidebook features simple chess opening breakdowns, historic trivia, chess notations, chess glossary and how to play instructions for the game tiles.

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